explainer video is cheap

Possibly one of the most obvious benefits is that you gain the ability to reach a portion of your target audience that prefers to watch videos versus reading ad text. These individual consumers will be more open to learning about your product or service via a video presentation than an information page on a web site. Would you believe that as of recently, Google now generates less traffic than the video sharing website it created, Youtube? This remains evidence that explainer video are on the upswing and that greater numbers of individuals are attracted to videos available on the Internet.

explainer video for free

If you create a large amount of videos that are both unique and high quality, you will offer information on your product in a new way. A great number of additional video sharing websites besides Youtube exist that you can employ to upload videos to and thereby increase the reach of your own video network. Your business even gets an indirect ranking boost by being associated with these sites which already rank high on the search engines list. These portals were designed to move traffic, so you should do everything you can do to get a piece of it. If your information is current, engaging and fun to watch, users will often subscribe to your video channel in order to keep track of your newest uploads. and other sharing sites offer the opportunity for you to create your own “video channel” to help you increase your popularity and daily traffic.