Moses: The Black Hebrew Raised As An Egyptian Prince (English Edition) por Dante Fortson

July 18, 2019

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Moses: The Black Hebrew Raised As An Egyptian Prince (English Edition) por Dante Fortson
Titulo del libro : Moses: The Black Hebrew Raised As An Egyptian Prince (English Edition)
Fecha de lanzamiento : December 9, 2017
Autor : Dante Fortson
Número de páginas : 18

Dante Fortson con Moses: The Black Hebrew Raised As An Egyptian Prince (English Edition)

Moses was born in Africa, raised by Africans, trained in African wisdom, and was mistaken for a descendant of Ham, the father of all black Africans… and yet he’s still depicted as white in the vast majority of pictures that we see. Unfortunately, this lie has prevailed for centuries. But it’s not the fault of the Bible. It’s the fault of those of us that choose not to read the Bible close enough to see that we’ve been lied to.

The Lies We’ve Been Told

1.Hebrews are white.
2.The Bible is the white man’s religion.
3.Egyptians weren’t black.
4.70 Europeans went into Africa and over 1,000,000 Europeans came out.
5.British and Americans are true Israel.

These are blatant lies that have been pushed by Gentiles that have been deceived by the false teachings of British-Israelism. These lies are still pushed in order to represent a Eurocentric view of scripture, when in reality, the Bible is Afrocentric. Let’s start by setting the scene.

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